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Essays by Miya

Selected writings by the suspended Twitter user @BPD_GOD, these posts are the seed of something that will grow into historic literature. Follow this, watch it grow because this is your chance to experience history in the making. Click here to to see a backup of Miya's tweets.

The Sunny Archives

The writings of the suspended Twitter user @VEDIC_CYBERGOD, who left a big mark on the very-online world.


Very good blog

Theoria Apophasis

The legendary Ken Wheeler: master of Sanskrit, ancient Greek and Pali, the premier authority on magnetism, and very charismatic in his own way. My favorite channel on YouTube.


The best diet related website in the world: a catalogue of what Aajonus Vonderplanitz taught the world about raw primal diet.




Network Kommander FOD is the lone holdout against the 'modern' internet UX, which is dumbed down for mass adoption, sterile and soulless, the visual equivalent of a breathing mask.

LibGen / Z-Library


Biblioteca Pleyades


Tremendous resource when learning about nutrition, they provide excellent oversight over a large sample of the available science on a specific nutrient or herbal medicine.

Google Scholar

The best search engine for scientific articles, especially non-English material!


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