Highly Recommended Links

Theoria Apophasis

The legendary Ken Wheeler: master of Sanskrit, ancient Greek and Pali, the premier authority on magnetism, and very charismatic in his own way. My favorite channel on YouTube.


The best diet related website in the world: a catalogue of what Aajonus Vonderplanitz taught the world about raw primal diet.


Soma.cx is a site that is very much in the same spirit as Exo-Science, and the creator of the hyper-realtime chat.


Unless you are familiar with Buteyko or Pranayama, then everything you have been told about breathing is wrong. Get the truth here!


Network Kommander FOD is the lone holdout against the 'modern' internet UX, which is dumbed down for mass adoption, sterile and soulless, the visual equivalent of a breathing mask.


Huge trove of information that they don't want you to see.


More information that they don't want you to see.

Borderland Sciences

If you have the faintest interest in Orgone energy, then "Project OD" is a must read. Note that Odic force is not the same as orgone, because orgone flows east-west, and odic force flows north-south. It seems to be a parallel energy. This must be researched further.

Biblioteca Pleyades

Hard to navigate, but this site contains plenty of exotic science, forgotten by history.

Miya Black Heated Angel Baby

The internet fondly remembers Miya, the suspended Twitter user @BPD_GOD. Click here to to see a backup of Miya's tweets. She is assembling her teachings at Edith.Reisen

The Sunny Archives

The writings of the suspended Twitter user @VEDIC_CYBERGOD..


This is the blog of Orpheus, the author of the excellent book Momente Vivere, his writing is very much in the same spirit as this site.


Tremendously useful when learning about nutrition, Examine provides oversight over a large sample of the available science on a specific nutrient or herbal medicine.

Google Scholar

The best search engine for scientific articles, especially non-English material!

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