Exoscientist (noun)

Unbound from the shackles of academia, the exoscientist knows that in a chain of hundreds of very likely truths, a single falsehood will irrevocably conceal information — so he yearns for what's outside the accepted paradigm, what did everyone miss? His rapidly evolving self-constructed world-view is guided by curiosity over experience. If he sees the world the same as last yearm his journey is a failure.

While the academic scientist makes slow and steady progress through tiny ant steps and looks up to people like Edison, the exoscientist looks to emulate Tesla by searching internally for the truth.

The exoscientist treats ancient knowledge such as the Vedas, Tao Te Ching and Emerald Tablet with equal respect as scientific findings, synthesizing it all into hypotheses which he then seeks to confirm through experiments. This site offers an assortment of knowledge, in the hope that it will further your progress as an exoscientist.

— With Love, Your Anonymous Friend