The Digital Dark Age

A New Hope

The world wide web came to us first as history's greatest library of information, freely accessible by the everyman; then as a global network of real-time communication between its radically ennobled users. Now we see it diverted into an information negative mass propaganda-complex, using the same tools of ascension towards subjugation.

Much work is being done to castrate its potential as the machinations of the surface world descend deeper and deeper into a contemporary Dark Age; but communities of correspondents self-organize in shadow networks, scientists, archivists, experimentors and inventors, sharing the discoveries, and rediscoveries, of their unsponsored research now catalyzed by the universal information library.

The knowledge suppression of the long 20th century has been cracked open, and its contemporary suppression attempts will never succeed against this new tide. Our world lead by the credentialed experts and stolid institutions has found itself poisoned, misinformed, maleducated chartering a long path to self-destruction. We, the exoscientists-- the autodidacts, the paraacademics, the independent thinkers, tinkerers, researchers - we now hold all the tools needed to shine a light unto their darkness.

— Foreword by Miya